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My site is aimed for parents, teachers, grandparents, daycare workers, and other people that work with children.
Always remember, children under 13 must have approval to surf my site and the web.

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Bird Puzzle from Maple Landmark
NEW 12/4/2015
Lift and Learn Bird Puzzle
Note: There are more educational puzzles located at the above link (which is my site).

Bird Stickers
You can use these stickers for a Bird Concentration Game, Finish the Pattern Game / Activity Sheet, place on papers, bulletin boards, and more.
Birdhouses Stickers from Mary Engelbreit

Birdhouses Stickers from Mary Engelbreit

120 self-adhesive stickers per pack (8 designs). Each sticker is approximately 1 inch square. Teacher Created Resources stickers are acid-free. (Per industry standards; contact us for technical information.)

Bird Concentration Game: Cut some index cards in half. Stick the matching bird or birdhouse sticker on two index cards.  Have the child turn all the cards facing down.  Have the child find a matching card.

Have you ever wondered where a birds ears are located?  Well, go to Bird Ears to read where they are found on a bird and more about birds ears.  Do you want to learn more about birds?  Go to: Backyard Birds to read more about the different body parts of a bird and other resources.  Do you want to know what type of bird is in your backyard, in the park, or anywhere else in your city or town?  Go to:  All About Birds @ Cornell Lab of Ornithology to find the bird and read more about the bird.

Bird: Clasical MP3
The Carnival of the Animals/ Les Carnaval des Animaux: X - Voliere


Bird Books / Nest Books
Search for the below books and more Bird and Nest Books at

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman
Eres tu mi mamá? / Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman (In English & Spanish)
The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman
El Mejor Nido / The Best Nest Spanish Version by P.D. Eastman
My Nest Is Best by P.D. Eastman
More Books by P.D. Eastman

Music: Birds in the Tree, Children's Songbook #241a

Nest Craft:
(Also located at: Families Are Important HE Lesson.)
Birds: Cut two connecting egg cartons cups.  You will need four cups for mother and father bird.  Tape, staple or glue them together at the rim.   Have your children color them with crayons, markers, and/or paint them.  Use construction paper to make feet, a beak, wings, or other body parts.  Glue or tape feathers onto the birds.
Eggs: Take two connecting egg cartons cups and tape, staple or glue them together at the rim (do this three times) to make three eggs for the song.  Have your children color them with crayons, markers, and/or paint them.  Another option is to cut three eggs using construction paper and glue them onto cardboard or poster board.  Decorate them.  (Laminate three for your own files).  Place some pieces of yarn, felt, leaves, etc. into a basket or box.  Place the eggs into the basket or box.  

Sing "Bird in the Tree" or another bird song.

An Edible Bird's Nest at

Nest Printables
All God's Children Coloring Book - New Life (It is a nest with four eggs.) Two Birds in a Nest Cut-and-Paste activity.  Cut this out on white construction paper.  Have them color, paint, or water color the picture.
Nest Shape Book without lines (pdf) @
It has three eggs and a nest Coloring Pages: Nest
TeachersandFamilies: Bird Theme Resources Count the eggs (It goes up to 9.)

Nursery Rhymes
Little Robin Redbreast

Little Robin Redbreast on a rail (rhyme)
Spring Theme: Little Robin Redbreast Actions to go with this rhyme You move your thumb for the head and your fingers for the tail.
Nite Owl's: Little Robin Redbreast Coloring Page

Little Robin Redbreast: A Mother Goose Rhyme
by Shari Halpern (Illustrator)

Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a tree (rhyme)

KIDiddles: Song: Little Robin Redbreast

Two Blackbirds
Danielle's Place: Puppets - Jack and Jill Paper Bag Black Bird Puppets
Nite Owl: Two Blackbirds Coloring Page

Once I saw a little bird

Once I saw a little bird
Come hop, hop, hop.
And I cried, "Little bird,
Will you stop, stop, stop?"

I was going to the window
To say, "How do you do?"
When he shook his little tail
And away he flew.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Online Bird Guide -- You will find most birds on this site.  They have sound clips, illustrations, information, and range maps.

Bird Books
About Birds: A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill
Chickens Aren't the Only Ones (World of Nature Series) by Ruth Heller
Birds of Prey (Scary Creatures) by Gerald Legg

We're Sailing to Galapagos by Laurie Krebs

In the book "We're Sailing to Galapagos", Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Beagle.  This book mentions various birds like albatrosses and blue-footed boobies.  It also has other animals that live on the Galapagos Islands.  A very fun book that any child (or adult) will enjoy reading.

The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher: Birdfeeders and Bird Gardens by Robert Burton
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, Fifth Edition by Jon L. Dunn and Jonathan Alderfer
Attracting Birds to Your Backyard: 536 Ways to Create a Haven for Your Favorite Birds (Rodale Organic Gardening Books) by Sally Roth

More bird books at

Bird Science Activities
Go outside, to a pet store, or another place that has various birds.  Observe what they do.  Talk about it.

Bird X-rays

Animal X-Rays - Set of 13

Real x-rays printed on transparent heavy-duty plastic - perfect for use on light tables! Includes x-rays of mammals birds fish reptiles and amphibians. Sizes range from 3 1/2 x 6 3/4 up to 8 x 10. Includes idea guide.

Online Bird Activities
NOTE: My site is aimed for parents, teachers, grandparents, daycare workers, and other people that work with children.
Always remember, children must have approval to surf my site and the web.

Alextoys - Animal Talk - Bird
Bald Eagle Puzzle - 6 piece
Chateau Meddybemps: Spatial Concepts - Birds
Create patterns and formations. Group them. Count them. etc.
Bird Pages to Color Online @
Bird Sound Game @ Nature Park
Dress the Seagull Game @ Governor McGreevey's Book Club
Marsh Bird Sounds Quiz
Penguin Spotter @ Sunshine Online
Rainbow Lorikeet @ Enchanted Learning
Spatial Concepts: Birds @ Meddybemps Do various concepts using the different colored birds.
The Fox and The Crow @ kidzclub

For Readers:
Bird Identification Quiz - matching at Louisiana Coast Restoration
FONZ Bird Bill Matching Game

Bird Links

A-Z of Birds
Brad's Bird Photos
Bird Photos
Birdingonthe.Net and Artist Drawings of birds
Birds Facts and pictures of different birds
Birds and More @ A Little Bit of the South
Birds of Kaweah Oaks Preserve Photos, information, and bird sounds
Exotic Birds
Florida's Waterfowl Home Page
Gateway to online Natural History Notebooks by the Canadian Museum of Nature
Information and pictures to color
Mike Danzenbaker's Nature Photography
National Birds - All Countries
NatureCams Photos
OBC Image Database - Species Listing
Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter  Lots of birds including: Photographs, songs for some of the birds, videos, identification tips, maps, and life history information for North American birds.
Photos of Rare Birds (of Texas) Lots!
Sandy Dillard's Bird Page Backyard Birds, Pelagic Birds, and North American Birds
Around the World: Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador & Galapogos Islands, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Trinidaad and Tobago, and Hawaii
U.S Fish & Wildlife Service: National Image Library
Go to Image Search to search for a bird.

Here is how people in different countries imitate the bird.  Make those sounds.
Bird Songs Songs and calls of some New York State birds.  It also has pictures of them.

Activities and More
Animal Crafts - Feather Bird Craft @ Danielle's Place  
Birds and Caterpillars at
Birds at Find rhymes, crafts, printouts, quizzes, jokes, and facts about birds.
Birds at Step by Step Songs & Activities about Birds
Connecticut Wildlife Division Kids Page
Enchanted Learning: Birds Different types of activities and printouts.    
Monthly Theme: May Home Away From Home - Birds
My Lesson: Birds, Bees, and Butterflies (Lesson that includes crafts, coloring pages, songs, riddles & games, and hand shadows

Bird Printables & Coloring Pages
U.S.A. States Theme More bird coloring pages.
AFUNK : Bird Coloring Book (Pages)
Alphabet Soup: Bird & Baby Coloring Page
Animal ColoringTransporter: Birds
Arthur's B&W Bird Clip Art Lots of birds to color.
Bird Puzzle Page @ and the answers
Bird Skeleton Printout
Bird Themed Coloring Pages @ Blue Jay, Black Capped Chickadee,  Cockatiel, Great Gray Owl, Osprey Parrot, Penguin Penguin, Penguin (African), Penguin with chick, Penguin with eggs, Penguin with chick, Puffin Sharp-tailed Grouse, Snowy Owl, and Turkey,
Birds Colouring Book @ Pitura Kids Coloring Pages
Bry-Back Manor Activity Sheets For younger children and children with special needs.
Coastal Coloring Book There are various birds on this page.  If the link changes, go to their homepage and click on "Fun, Educational".
Coloring Book @ Alamosa/Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge Complex American Avocet, Sandhill Cranes, Northern Pintail, and Barn Swallow Bird Coloring Pages Cut & Paste Two Birds in a Nest
Coloring Pages - Sunnyvale Baylands Park Great Egret, Ruddy Duck, and Red-winged Blackbird.
Connected Kids - Coloring Book
Enchanted Learning: Birds Different types of activities and printouts.
ESL KidStuff: Bird dot-to-dot (a to z and A to Z)
ESL Kid Stuff: Bird Flashcard
First-School Animal Coloring Pages - Birds Cardinal, Chick, Chicken, Hen, Cockatoo, Duck, Eagle, Egret, Flamingo, Goose (Canadian), Goose 2, Hawk, Hummingbird, Ibis, Kiwi, Ostrich, Owl, Parrot, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Puffin, Quail (Family), Quetzal, Roadrunner, Rooster, Seagull, Sparrow, Swan, Toucan, Turkey, and Vulture.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision Animated Animals Coloring Book (A-Z) Eagle, heron, jay, kingfisher, nuthatch, owl,  pileated woodpecker, and yellowthroat.
Gateway to online Natural History Notebooks by the Canadian Museum of Nature Information and pictures to color.
Indian River Lagoon Cololing Book - The Aquatic Preserves Are Exceptional PDF files.
Kaweah Oaks Preserve Coloring Pages by Lee Wilson Acorn Woodpecker, Barn  Swallow, California Quail, Common Crow, Mourning Dove, Northern Flicker, Great Blue Heron, Western Meadowlark, Red-tailed Hawk, Scrub Jay, and Wood Duck
Kendra's Coloring Book: Online or Offline
Preschool Coloring Pages @ Everything Preschool
Preschool Coloring Book: Bird Coloring Pages
Puddler Coloring Pages, Activity Guide (including lesson plans), Coloring Pages, and Puzzles & Games
Rain Forest Alliance To find different rainforest birds coloring pages on this site.  Click on "Education", then click on "Kids", and then on "Coloring Pages".  (They have teacher resources and crafts.)
Rainbow Crow: Fun & Games Bird coloring page.
RAS Kids' Corner Including coloring pages.
RAS Online Coloring Book American Goldfinch, Red-headed Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird, Brown Pelican, and Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Creatures Colouring Pages - Coloring Book: Birds
Eagle, Flamingoes, Heron, Hummingbird, Kiwi, Loons, Ostrich, Owl, Parakeet, Parrot, Peacock, Pelicans, Pigeon, Puffin, Roadrunner, Seagulls, Songbird, Stork, Swan, and Woodpecker
Tropical Coloring Book: Bird

Acorn Woodpecker
This woodpecker lives mainly in western North American in the areas where you can find oak trees.  It has a black back and a red crown (on its head).  It makes holes in trees and stores the found acorns in the bark of trees.  It will eat the acorns later.

Photos: Acorn Woodpecker @ Acorn Woodpecker Facts, sound, etc.
Acorn Woodpecker

Acorn Woodpecker Coloring Page

Birds in Spain

Birds in South America

Bald Eagle
American Eagle Foundation Including educational resources, web cams, American Eagle Day, Bald Eagle facts, and more

Coloring Pages - Sunnyvale Baylands Park Red-winged Blackbird.
Crested Oropendola @ Enchanted Learning
Yellow-headed Blackbird Lives in cattails in the marshes.

Black Swan
Black Swan Printout (and facts) @ Enchanted Learning

Music: Here Comes a Bluebird @ MusicKit

Bluebird Information @ MusicKit

Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican Coloring Page and hear it @ CVCO
Brown Pelican @ Port Canveral Coloring Book

Burrowing Owl
This owl can be active during the day and night.
Burrowing Owls - Athene cunicularia Facts, photos, and owl calls (sounds).

Mississippi Sandhill Crane @ Coloring Page at LAcoast
US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book: Mississippi Sandhill Crane

Common Crow Coloring Page @ Kaweahoaks
Origami Crow

BBC Education -  Teletubbies - Print and Play: Animals Cygnets

Spanish: águila

See More Birds on My Page:
Wedge Tail Eagle

Bald Eagle Books
Search for Bald Eagle Books and More at

Bald Eagle by Gordon Morrison
The Bald Eagle (Welcome Books) by Lloyd G. Douglas (We own this book.  There are other books about American in this book series. by this author.)
The Bald Eagle (True Books)
Majestic Eagles: Compelling Facts and Images of the Bald Eagle
More bald eagle (and eagle) books at

American Eagle Foundation Including educational resources, web cams, American Eagle Day, and more
Eagle at exZOOberance!
Facts and photos.
Eagle Kids! Comical coloring pages, online games, and more.
Eagles in Florida
Soar Like an Eagle @ Connecticut Wildlife Division

AFUNK: Eagle Coloring Book (Pages) Mostly Bald Eagles  
Bald Eagle Coloring Page @
Bald Eagle @ Coloring Page at LAcoast
Bald Eagle Wand Pattern
Ben's Guide: Bald Eagle Coloring Page
Bald Eagle Coloring Page @ Connecticut Wildlife Division
CISAB: Animal Coloring Book: Bald Eagle
Eagle Coloring Page @ Mom's Network
Enchanted Learning: Eagle Printouts - Eagle Head Coloring Page
Eagle Kids! Comical coloring pages, online games, and more.
Eagle Theme Preschool Activities and Crafts @ First-School Including: alphabet; coloring pages; an eagle puppet; etc.
Letter E Coloring Pages @ DLTK-Kids
US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book: Bald Eagle Including information.


Peregrine Falcon and Facts @ Connecticut Wildlife Division Kids Page

FONZ Coloring Pages: Flamingos

Albatross / Gooney Bird


Search for Goose Books at

Swans, Geese, and Ducks Photos
Create a goose using MawMaw Lynn's: Goose Coloring Page.   This can be made into a goose puppet by taping a craft stick on the back of it.  You might want to reduce the size of it.
Play the game "Duck Duck Goose".
Play online activities

Canada Goose Printout - EnchantedLearning
Canadian Goose Coloring Pages @ Google
Hedgie's Surprice Mother Goose & Her Goslings Coloring Page by Jan Brett
Nene or Hawaiian Goose Printout - Enchanted Learning
Nene Coloring Page @ Google

Nene (Hawaiian Goose)


Humming Bird Nest Photos from egg to bird.

Coloring Pages
AFUNK: Hummingbird Coloring Page
Hummingbird Coloring Page @ Connecticut Wildlife Division

First-School: Ibis Coloring Page
White Ibis @ SOFIA Kid's Page - Coloring Pages

Florida Scrub Jay: FWC "Coloring Book J"



King Vulture



Macaroni Penguin  

Moa (Dinornis Maximus)

Nene (Hawaiian Goose)
State Bird of Hawaii Unmasked as Canadian

Night Heron
Indian River Lagoon Coloring Book - Night Heron (pdf) It also has information about this bird.

Red-breasted Nuthatch
White Breasted Nuthatch

Nimble Nuthatches @ Creation Kids Activities wtih this bird.

Africa Coloring Book: Ostrich
Down on the Farm Coloring Book: Funny Ostrich
First-School Ostrich Coloring Page

Burrowing Owl and Snowy Owl.

AFUNK: Parrot Coloring Book
Panda's Playhouse: Parrot Coloring Page

AFUNK: Peacock Coloring Book
BBC Education -  Teletubbies - Print and Play: Animals Peacocks
Indian Peacocks Craft @ thebestkidsbooksite Including pattern.
Peacock Grid Drawing Coloring Page @ iGrandparents

Five Portly Pelicans Fingerplay



Prarie Chicken
Attwater's Greater Prairie Chicken Coloring Page @ LAcoast
US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book: Attwater's Greater Prarie Chicken


California Quail @ The Animal Diversity Information and a picture.
DLTK's Quail Alphabet Coloring Page
First-Schools Q is for Quail
Quail Sound (wav)


Rainbow Lorikeet

2002 TRC Manual Clip Art - Texas State Library Roadrunner coloring page
First-Schools Animal Coloring Pages - Birds

Little Robin Redbreast is a rhyme.  On my page, I have listed a book, music, and a coloring page to go with.

These songs are found at: LDS Church Music.
"Springtime Is Coming", 238
"Because It's Spring", 239

Kids Crafts: Robin Finger Puppet

American Robin
Hear the robin song (wav) and call (wav).
American Robin Color Online @
BBC Education -  Teletubbies - Print and Play: Animals Cygnets, Robins Print Your Own Coloring Page: Robin It has information about the robin, and a colored photo of a robin family (click on the picture on the left).
Clay-colored Robin @ USGS
Clay Colored Robin Coloring Page
Our Connecticut Animals: Robin (American)
Photographs of the Rufous-backed Robin (Amercian Robin) and the birds on the Arizona desert and other parts of the state @
Google Image Results for Robin

Scarlet Mascaw

Dress the Seagull Game @ Governor McGreevey's Book Club
ESL Kid Stuff: Seagulls Flashcard
Everything Alaska - Seagull Coloring Page
INNOVA Coloring Pages: Seagull

Sparrow @

Snowy Owl

See Black Swan.

Last Gray Swan @ Songs for Little Dancers

The Ugly Duckling Story Bag/Box

The Ugly Duckling Felt Set

The Ugly Duckling-felt pieces. Follow this duck's adventurous tale of growing up from being an ugly duckling to a very beautiful swan. Pond is 11L - 28W 13 pieces 4-6H. 8-page activity guide with story worksheet and 4 coloring sheets. Pre-K-Grade 2.

FONZ Coloring Pages: Toucan
Panda's Playhouse: Toucan Coloring Page

Vulture Printable Coloring Pages (A-Z)

Warbler @
Blue-winged Warbler Coloring Page (and facts)

Wedge Tail Eagle
Australian Wedgetail Eagle

Whippoorwill Whippoorwill Sound
Others @
Ladislav Hanka Bird Etchings: Whippoorwill
Whip-poor-will Picture & Information

Images, Photos, & Information: Willet Fact Sheet (and line drawing), Field Guide: Willet, Google Image: Willet

Wood Duck
Images & Photos:
Wook Duck, Common Birds of the Australian National Botanic Gardens: Australian Wood Duck  (Information & picture in color and line drawing to color.), Wood Duck to color @ Animal Inn
Wood Duck Sound (wav)
Duck Stuff: information and a picture

See Acorn Woodpecker.
Music: Old Mister Woodpecker sheet music 
Etchings & Photos: Woodpecker (and information),Ladislav Hanka Bird Etchings: Woodpecker
Woodpecker @
Woodpecker Family

Animal ColoringTransporter: Birds
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Coloring Page @ LAcoast
TotCity: Woodpecker Coloring Page
US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book: Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
Woodpecker to color @ Animal Inn

Wren @
Images & Photos:
Field Guide: Marsh Wren
Google Images: Wren
Common Birds of the Australian National Botanic Gardens: Superb Fairy-wren (Information & picture in color and line drawing to color.)
Google Search: Wren

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