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Canku Ota (This is a Native American word for "Many Paths".) - Coloring Book: Coyote
Coyote Coloring Page @ Blanco's Magic Tails
Coyote or Coyotes Wildlife Information - DesertUSA

Fennec Fox


Search for Fox Books


The Fox On the Box

    Box Craft: Decorate a small box.

Fox In Socks Matching Game (Word Puzzle Game - online)

Bulletin Board Hello, Red Fox Notes for Parents and Teachers @ Eric Carle There is a color wheel on this page.  You can look at it and then look at the white screen, paper, wall, etc. and see opposite colors.
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Grey Fox
Information, Photos, and Coloring
Gray Fox Coloring Page @
Grey Fox @
Grey Fox @ Lioncrusher's Domain
Lazy Fox's Spot It has a photo of a fox and there are these pages: The Greek Spot: Aesop's Fables, Fox Book Library, and Fox Trails (links).
Gray Fox Wildlife Information @ DesertUSA
Liska's EncycVulpedia: Grey Fox - General Description
Urocyon Cinereoargenteus (Grey Fox): Narrative @ Animal Diversity

Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes)
Information, Photos, and Coloring
Rainbow Crow: Fun & Games Red Fox: Fox and a fox in a tree coloring pages.
Red Fox Facts and Coloring Page @ Pelotes Island Nature Preserve
Liska's EncycVulpeida: Red Fox

Red Fox @
Red Fox @ Lioncrusher's Domain
Red Fox Tracks @ Nature of New England
Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox): Narrative @ Animal Diversity

Other Coloring Pages
AFUNK: Fox Coloring Book
CyberSleuth Kids: Fox Coloring Page

Africa Coloring Book: Jackal
African Wildlife Foundation: Jackal

Photos: 3 Wolves, Wolf, Gray Wolf, Wolf squints at viewer, Wolf in looking at viewer through autumn maple branches, Wolf laying in snow, Wolves walking, Wolf howling, Wolf (large image)Wolves (large image), Brown Furred Wolf Cub Howling, Wolf gazing, Wolf & a cub, A Wolf's Head covered with some snow, Wolf covered with some snow

Internatinal Wolf Center Including resources for children, eduators, and more information. 
Just for Kids @ Internatinal Wolf Center Learn  Wolf mask online puzzle, wolf coloring book (including other animals), information, etc.

Mexican Gray Wolf (El Lobo) Wildlife Information @ DesertUSA

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Little Red Riding Hood @
The Three Little Pigs @

Stories & Coloring Pages
SchoolExpress Storytime - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Wolf Game sheet music

Sounds:  Animal Page One: Wolf & Wolves Cut & Paste Wolf
First-School Coloring Page: Wolf
First-School Activities and Crafts: W w is for Wolf
The Wolf and The Easter Eggs Game
Torah Tots Alef Bet Wolf Coloring Page This can be used for The Three Little Pigs Story.



Small-eared Zorro @ EnchantedLearning

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