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My site is aimed for parents, teachers, grandparents, daycare workers, and other people that work with children.
Always remember, children under 13 must have approval to surf my site and the web.

Chicken Books
Search for Chicken, Hen, Rooster Books at

Chicken Finger Puppets

Kids Crafts: Finger Puppet Rooster, Baby Chick

See: Hen and Rooster.
Life Cycles Sequence Chart

Life Cycles Sequence Chart

Discover some of nature's magic tricks! Children will learn about the transformations of the butterfly frog plant and chicken.

Learning Resources Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set

Chicken Books / Chick Books
Chickens Aren't the Only Ones (World of Nature Series) by Ruth Heller
From Egg to Chicken (Lifecycles) by Gerald Legg
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick by Lucile Colandro
Where Do Chicks Come From? (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1) by Amy E. Sklansky


Easter and Spring Themes Including a chick craft, puppet, etc.
Egg Theme
Farm Theme

Chicken and Chick Physical Activities / Movement Activities & Music
- Dance to the Chicken Dance: 1 (with animated chickens dancing) and 2.

Here are some links that have the steps to "The Chicken Dance":
Chicken Dance Steps
Mike's Chicken Dance Lesson (with music)
The Chicken Dance

- Pretend to be a chicken by walking around the room or standing still.  Put your hands under your arm pits and make chicken sounds.

- Ballet of the Chickens in Their Shells by Modest Moussorgsky Music Activity 
Use a chick puppet, etc. as you play the music.

Chicken Cooking and Snacks
Eat chicken strips or a chicken sandwich.

Foreign Language: Spanish
chicken - pollo

The Disappering Egg Shell

Free Printable Mazes - Including The Hen Maze, Hen Barn Maze, and more

Alphabet Soup Coloring Pages - Chicken
Animal Coloring Pages - Chick hatching out of an egg
CyberSleuth Kids: Chicken Coloring Page
Embroyology Worksheets: Label the Chicken Parts (pdf)
Fisher-Price Coloring Fun, Spanish, French, and other countries A Chicken Dot-to-Dot (1-10).

Chicken Rhymes & Fingerplays
Alphabet Soup Fingerplays - Ten Fluffy Chickens
Five Little Chickens Nursery Rhyme Felt Board, Puppets, or Coloring Pages @ DLTK

My Black Hen
Nite Owl: My Black Hen Coloring Pages
Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen Nursery Rhyme @ Enchanted

Chickscope Grades K-12.  Books, tutorials, and games online for science and mathematics to learn more about chickens, eggs, and embryology.

Misc. Links
Chicky Chain @ Jan Brett
Life Cycle of the Chicken @ Kid Farm Including science projects with an egg and printables (coloring pages, parts of an egg, developing chicken, parts of a chicken).

Online Chicken Activities / Games

Here are some online activities and some you can use with your children, grandchildren, students, etc.
Note: Children must have approval by an adult to click on the sites on my website.

Chick Jigsaw Puzzle
The Enormous Carrot Story @ kidzclub Based from: "The Little Red Hen"
Tyson Chicken Online Games


Songs & Rhymes
Enchanted Learning - Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen and Printout to Color
Nite Owl: My Black Hen Coloring Pages
Enchanted Learning - This Old Man (They use "hen" instead of "over again".)


Rosie's Walk Activities

Various coloring pages, activities and online games are located at Jan Brett's web site.

Foreign Language: Spanish
hen - gallina

The Little Red Hen Story Bag or Ideas

Little Red Hen Felt Set

Little Red Hen Felt Set

The Little Red Hen has some things to teach about preparation and the lesson is fun with these colorful felt figures. 17 figures 2-1/2H-7H. 12-page activity guide with story in English and Spanish 4 coloring sheets.

1. Book: Little Red Hen @
2. Flannel Board Story: Use the story and printables found at Bry-Back Manor The Little Red Hen to retell the story.  (Use my flannel board pieces and board page to make the pieces for this story.)
3. Story: The Little Red Hen Story, The Little Red Hen StoryThe Little Red Hen Story @ TCM (pdf), or The Story of Growing Grain (The Little Red Hen).
4. The Story of Growing Grain (The Little Red Hen). Has six pictures after the "Resource" section, the "Match", and the story (including pictures).
5. Make puppets.  Retell the story (or just make animal sounds using the puppets).
Paper bag puppets: Hen, cat, dog, and mouse using The Little Red Hen @ Franklin Haynes Marionettes (Go down to the button of the page), Puppy Puppet @ StoryPlace, Danielle's Place:  Puppets - Pig, Pig Puppet @, Paper Bag Puppets @ abcteach: Pig, Cat Hand Puppet @ Sunnie Bunniezz
Finger Puppets: Hoiho's Chicks: Predatoar Finger Puppets (Cat, dog, and rat.)
6. Cooking: Place a recipe card in the bag for: white bread or dairy-free bread.
7. First-School Activity - Fairy Tale: The Little Red Hen
8. Coloring Pages: hen; chicken; hen; hen and chicks; hen above eggs; hen by her eggs
9. The Little Yellow Chicken Story @ Literacy Hour - Lesson Plans

Related Links:
Setting Hen Craft @ KD
High Ash Farm: Hen Coloring Page

Here is how people in different countries imitate the rooster.  Make those sounds.
Rooster Photo

Foreign Language: Spanish
rooster - gallo

abcteach: Rooster Coloring Page
AFUNK: Rooster Coloring Book
First-Schools Animal Coloring Pages - Birds
Rooster Eating Seeds Coloring Page
Online Rooster Activities / Games

Here are some online activities and some you can use with your children, grandchildren, students, etc.
Note: Children must have approval by an adult to click on the sites on my website.

Alextoys - Animal Talk: The Rooster
Online Connect the Dots Rooster (1-13) @ EnchantedLearning

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