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Exploring the Ocean eBook

Exploring the Ocean eBook

A beautiful collection of editable learning story templates to document your experiences relating to the ocean, beach, water and ocean creatures.  Includes EYLF outcomes check boxes for LDC, FDC, MTOP and QKLG.  Plus a massive collection of Ocean activities including Educator Resources, Ocean Recipes and Craft Ideas and ocean poems written by an award winning poet.  Over 300 pages in this massive collection of resources to assist you while you are exploring the Ocean with your children.

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More available at: Educators' Domain Learning Story Packs

Ocean Science Activities
Go to a pet store or another place that has various ocean life animals.  Observe what they do.  Talk about it.

Acrylic Specimens Collection - Set of 12

Provide every child an up-close view of real specimens encased in high-quality clear acrylic. Exclusive sets target a variety of interests - an excellent value.

Acrylic Under the Sea Specimens - Set of 4

Observe genuine sea life specimens surrounded by durable clear acrylic. See scales antennae and pincers up-close.

  • Includes: Indian Prawn, Conch Seashell, Pink Skirt Tetra and Red Fortune Crab
  • Ideal for light tables and science centers
  • Exclusive set is an incredible value
  • 2-4/5"L x 1-3/5"W x 1" thick

  • Sort It! Banner

    Build language and logic skills with this classification activity - a Discount School Supply exclusive. Bright blue banner is 33 1/2L x 24W and includes 34 brightly colored fabric sorting pieces.  Categories include: color, food, transportation, farm, zoo, ocean and clothes. 

    Ocean Arts & Crafts

    Sea Life Washable Plastic Stencils - Set of 6

    Made of durable rip-proof plastic for easy washability and long life. 5 1/2 x 6.

    Easy-Grip Sea Life Stampers 3 - Set of 14

    Create an ocean of exciting artwork with these adorable sea life stampers. Our exclusive 3 stampers have large-grip plastic knobs that are easy for children to hold and the high-density foam stamps are super easy to clean.

    Colorations Classic Colors Jumbo Washable Stamp Pads - Set of 6

    Give our super-size stamp pads a hand! They're designed extra big for little hands! The washable ink makes them perfect for creating hand and fingerprints. Also great for use with our Stamping Sticks and Easy-Grip Stampers or any rubber stamp.

    Picture Sticker Pack - 24 Sheets

    Realistic sticker designs are both fun and educational! Use them to decorate letters party decorations cards games photo albums and art projects! 3 sheets of 8 different themes: fish dinosaurs sea shells sports insects fruits & vegetables and two flower themes.

    Hands-on Ocean Activities

    Fishbowl Fill N Spill

    Children can have their own under the sea adventure with these plush sea creatures. Set of 4: fish sea horse octopus and starfish. Comes with soft mesh-bottomed fishbowl. High-quality fabric material with phthalate-free plastic. Ages 6 months and up.

    Ocean Felt Board

    Sea Life Felt Set

    Take a journey under the sea with these colorfully whimsical felt board pieces. Includes dolphins whales and a variety of exotic sea life plus 2 scuba divers. 40 pieces 1 - 11-1/2H. Activity guide included.

    Activity Cards, Games, and File Folder Games
    You can use clipart from your computer program (or other sources), or  images (reduce it if needed) to make activity cards, games and file folder games.  If they are not colored images, paint it in a program and put it in a table to make the game.  Write the letters (lower case and upper case or both together), numbers, words, etc. on each one.  Laminate.  Put in a sealable bag or place in a file folder.

    Animal Themes

    Ocean Craft
    Under the Sea Craft

    Make lots of fish, and other sea animals (octopus, whales, sharks, etc).  Tape or hang them in a box.  You can glue blue paper in the box or paint it blue.

    Clip Art & Images
    Arthur's Water Creature Clip Art
    Don Brutzman Navy Images

    Gateway to online Natural History Notebooks by the Canadian Museum of Nature Information and pictures to color.

    Ocean Links
    Ocean @ Perpetual Preschool Songs, snacks, art, science, games, and misc.
    Ocean Life @ Preschool Education Arts & crafts, games & outdoors, music & songs, and snacks.

    Ocean Books & Ocean Puppets
    Commotion in the Ocean by
    Giles Andreae
    Commotion In The Ocean Book And Puppet Set
    Ocean Finger Puppets (Set of 14)

    Aquatic Toys & Games
    Wild Republic Polybag Aquatic 12 Pieces

    Aquatic Life (Sea Life)
    Facts and Lesson Plans
    A to Z Stuff: Ocean Resources
    There are lots of links for preschool through middle school. Free math worksheet, coloring pages, lesson plans & thematic units, and songs & poetry.
    Birch Aquarium Virtual Tour
    Field Guide Simple statements about different animals, etc.
    National Aquarium in Baltimore
    PBS: Reading Rainbow: Sea Ya!
    Fish mobile, crab maze, tongue twisters, Travel with LeVar, and books.
    Sea Animals Theme @ Everything Preschool
    Sea World Teacher's Guides for Preschool-12
    Links To The World: Zoological Parks, Aquariums and Related Facilities
    SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database: Educational Resources and More
    Shedd Aquariam Lesson plans, interactive online activities, explorer's guide, and more.

    Aquatic Life Printables: Coloring Pages, Worksheets

    Arthur's Water Creature Clip Art In color or blank and white. Coloring Pages
    Bumble Bee: Just for Kids  Coloring Pages
    Coloring - More arts, crafts, puzzles and games on the Keiki Page!
    Dolphins, Monk seal, humpback whales, ...
    Crayfish Coloring Page at Louisiana Coast Restoration
    Doliphinman Free Worksheets
    Dwarf Wedge Mussel Coloring Page (and some fish) @ Louisiana Coast Restoration
    Indian River Lagoon Coloring Book - The Aquatic Preserves Are Exceptional In pdf files.  I have them listed under animals at "Animal Themes" page.
    INNOVA Coloring Pages Cartoon Type Images: Little Blue (whale), Albert the Albatross, Cedric the Starfish, Freddy the Flying Fish, Oscar the Octopus, Rocky Barnacle, Sophia the Lobster, Shelly the Crab, Winnie the Dolphin, Samantha (Sam) the Sea Horse, Jerry the Jellyfish, and Miranda the Sea Otter.
    KidZone: Ocean Theme
    KidZone: Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets: Count and Trace 1-seal, 2-eel, 3-whales, 4-starfish, 5-fish, 6-crabs, 7-oysters, 8-tentacles, 9-seahorses, 10-shells (These can be used as ocean clipart.)
    KidsZone: Ocean Themed Math Activity Worksheets PreK-5
    Learningpage.com Lots of printables!
    Ocean Animals Coloring Pages for Toddlers, Preschooler and Kindergarten @ First-School.ws  Activity pages, crafts, coloring pages, tracing pages, and more.
    Oceans of Fun @ Family Education
    Oceans of Fun - Coloring
    Preschool Coloring Pages @ Everything Preschool
    SeaWorld/Busch Gardens -- Ocean Friends
    TotCity.com - Coloring Book: In the Sea
    Barnacles, Catfish, Clam, Crabs, Crayfish, Dolphin, Frog, Lobsters, Mussels, Octopus, Otter, Penguins, Platypus, Salmon, School of fish, Seahorse, Seals, Shark, Squid, Starfish, Turtles, Walrus, and Whale.
    US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book Including information on the bottom of each coloring page.

    Coastal Animals Coloring Pages
    Birds Albatross, puffin, etc.
    Louisiana Coast Restoration: Coastal Coloring Book
    Louisiana Coast Restoration: Endangered Animal ColoringBook  I have the other ones from this site on this page. The other ones are: Gecko, Pitcher Plant (eats bugs)
    Louisiana Coast Restoration: Kids' Corner: Coloring Books, See the Wetlands, Animal Quiz, Animal Identification, Bird Identification, The Fragile Fringe:
    A guide for teaching about coastal wetlands, and Wetland Education Through Maps and Aerial Photography (WETMAAP)
    Mississippi Department of Marine Resources: Kids Page Activity book and coloring pages.

    Play School >> look and listen: Here Is the Sea Song
    Under the Sea Coloring Page

    Sea Turtles
    (Chelonioidea Superfamily)
    Sea Turtle Theme


    Phylum: Cnidaria

    Some of these include: jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, hydroids, and more.

    Introduction to Cnidaira

    AFUNK: Jellyfish Coloring Book
    First-School's Coloring Pages - Animals
    Bluebottle Printout (and facts) @ Enchanted Learning
    It is called the "Bluebottle" in Australia and New Zealand but it is more known as the "Portuguese Man-of-War".
    The Portuguese Man-of-War: A Dangerous Ocean Organism of Hawaii

    Ocean Birds

    Echinodermata (Echinoderms)

    Phylum: Echinodermata

    These include the: brittle fish, star fish, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins.

    Introduction to the Echinodermata

    Star Fish (Sea Star)

    Seashells, Crabs & Sea Stars by Christiane Kunp Tibbitts

    Moby's Mobile: Star Fish
    Sea Star (Coloring Page and Facts)

    Fish Find these on my fish page: Eel, Fish Theme and Rainbow Fish, Hammerhead Shark, John Dory, Leopard Darter, Leopard Shark, Rays (Sting Rays), Sawfish, Sea Horse, Sharks, Shortnose Sturgeon, and Wrasse.

    Mollusk or Mollusca

    Phylum: Mollusca or Mollusk

    These include: clams, conches, mussels, oysters, scallops, sea snails, squids, octopus, etc.

    Mollusks, Or Molluscs @ The World of Life
    The Mollusca


    Seashells, Crabs & Sea Stars by Christiane Kunp Tibbitts

    KidZone: What Comes Next Math Activity Worksheet
    NIEHS Coloring Book: Shellshell Beauty
    Owl and the Pussycat Shells Coloring Page @ Jan Brett's
    Painted Sea Shells @ Mother's Nature
    Super Shells @ Preschool Express

    Dwarf Wedge Mussel @ LAcoast
    US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book: Dwarf Wedge Mussel


    Octopuses and Squid by Gerald Legg

    Octopus Photo
    Octopus Movie

    AFUNK: Octopus Coloring Book
    Best of Frederick.com - Coloring Pages: Octopus
    Orange Octopus Coloring Page @ Jazzles Trace the letter "o".

    Look at a photo of an octopus.  Draw a circle.  Draw or cut two eyes out of paper.  Draw or make eight legs.  Draw (or make out of construction paper) on the legs a number of circles.  Cut the octopus out with scissors.  Repeat if you want to make more than one octopus.

    Rocky Octopus

    Home Economics
    Idea from: LetteroftheWeek Group

    Octopus Hotdogs!
    This is kind of hard for preschoolers to do on their own but with a little help and guidance, they can do it...especially the first few cuts...

    Give your child a plastic knife and show her/him how to slice through the hot dog starting at one end and stoping about an inch and a half from the other end...it will look kind of like one of those old time clothes pins when you spread the two pieces apart.  Cut each of those pieces into two by making another slice the same way making sure you always stop before getting to the other end.  Cut those four into eight and you now have the legs of the octopus.  The inch and a half that was not cut is the head and you can make a couple of slits in the hot dog to represent eyes and another to make a smile.  Boil the hot dog in water until the legs curl and the smile opens a bit.  This octopus will sit up on a plate and smile!

    Connect the Dots (1-26) @ pbs.org

    Whelk (Conchs)
    This is a gastropod (a sea snail).

    Images & Photos: Field Guide: Whelk, Google Image: Whelk
    Knobbed Whelk @ Enchanted Learning Printout

    Crustaceans (Crustaceamorpha)

    Phylum: Arthropod

    Crustaceans are shellfish (shelled mollusk).  These include: crabs, crayfish, lobsters and shrimp.
    Crustaceans @ The World of Life
    Introduction to the Crustaceamorpha


    A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle
    Crab by Lloyd G. Douglas
    Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galloway
    Is this a house for Hermit Crab? by Megan McDonald
    One Is a Snail, Ten is a Crab by April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre
    Seashells, Crabs & Sea Stars by Christiane Kunp Tibbitts

    Physical Education:

    Crab Walk Race
    In an open area, place your hands (fingers facing away from you) and your feet should be flat on the floor.  Crawl backwards.  See who can win.  You can do this with only one person and it is still a lot of fun.

    AFUNK - Crab Coloring Books
    PBS: Reading Rainbow: Sea Ya!: Crab Maze

    This resembles a lobster.
    Crayfish @ LAcoast
    US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book: Crayfish

    AFUNK: Lobster Coloring Book
    Childfun.com - Lobster Coloring Page

    Marine Mammals
    Sea Otter
    Phylum: Chordata  Family: Mustelidae

    This is a marine mammal.  It lives in cold water.  They are carnivores (meat-eaters).

    Sea Otter
    Sea Otter -- Kids' Planet (fact sheet)

    These are marine mammals.  They include the: Sea Lion, Harbor Seal, Harp Seal, Elephant Seal, Fur Seal, Seal Lion, Seals, Walrus, and Weddell Seal.

    Pinniped Printouts @ Enchanted Learning

    Sea Lion (Sea Cow)
    This type of seal is a marine mammal that lives in cold waters and are carnivores (meat-eaters).

    BBC Education -  Teletubbies - Print and Play: Animals Sea Lions
    Fonz Coloring Page: California Sea Lions with a man
    Sea Lion Caves

    AFUNK: Seal Coloring Book
    Everything Alaska - Seal Coloring Page


    Marine Polychaete Worms

    Images & Photos: Field Guide: Lugworm (black)

    Aquatic Mammals: Dugong and Manatees
    Manatee: Sirenia (order) Trichechidae (family)

    Animal Info Books @ Sea World

    These are aquatic mammals that live in warm waters.  They eat water plants.

    CyberSleuth Kids: Manatee Coloring Page
    Manatee Fact File @ LearningPages.com You need to become a member.  Sign in by clicking on "Become a Member" and then go to "Theme Sheets" and then "Oceans".
    Manatees and Their Homes Manatee outline.
    US EPA - Endangered Species Picture Book: Florida Manatee

    Online Ocean Activities

    Note: Children must have approval by an adult to click on the links on my website or surf the web.

    Online Fish Activities and Songs

    A Whale of a Tale - Sample Lessons
    Language, science, social studies, and math.
    Birch Aquarium Virtual Tour
    Build a Habitat @ PBS: Reading Rainbow
    Dolphin Jigsaw Puzzle
    EcoFixer @ INNOVA (Choose "Ocean")
    Hiding in the Sea @ NIEHS
    I Spy in the Sea @ Sunshine Online (alphabet)
    Moby's Mobiles: Sea
    NIEHS On-Line Coloring: Shellshell Beauty
    Pirates Memory Game @ Sunshine Online
    Online Connect the Dots Sea Horse (1-13) @ Enchanted Learning
    Seashore Concentration @ PBS: Reading Rainbow
    Somethin' Fishy @ Scholastic
    Which Whale Is Which? @ Sunshine Online

    Older Children
    Animals Identification @ LA Coast
    Animal Quiz @ LA Coast
    Bird Identification Quiz @ LA Coast

    Middle School (Grades 6-9)
    Mysteries of Apo Island @ Shedd Aquarium This island is in the Philippines.

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