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Early Childhood Education & Preschool Resources

Singing helps children learn body parts, learn about lots of themes, and do different actions.  I have lots of songs on my Children Songs Page.  They like nursery rhymes, like action verses, and finger plays.  They love repetition.

Children also learn through play (especially in their early years). They use their imagination to have fun and learn about themselves and what they can do as a person. Let your children play with things that you have around the house. For example, clothes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, empty containers of baby wipes, boxes of all types, hats, books, old calendars, bean bags (where you have your child toss a bean bag into a decorated box), balloons (where you play with the balloons by kicking it around the house), and many more things that are safe for children to play with.  Children also enjoy hands-on activities.  They learn while having fun.  You will find various hands-on learning products and ideas throughout our site. Make sure your visit our Theme page and Hands-on Learning learning store site.

Children learn more if they are not forced to do something.  Most of the times (if not all) they will not want to do it.  Let them do what they enjoy to do.

Art: Do crafts that the children choose how they want their art project to look like.  Put out paints and different tools (cotton swaps, paint brushes, etc) out.  Let the child make his/her own creation (it will be different than any other child's work and you won't get bored at looking at the same thing that is on the wall).

Fun and Games: Children love to have fun and do lots of games.  Play with bubbles, have fun with tangram puzzles , shapes, etc.  A child can learn science, math, and more from playing.  Integrate all subjects into one so children will have fun.  Children enjoy using flannel board stories.

Other Resources: If you are trying to find a list of what your child or students should know at a certain age, go to Typical Course of Study.  I feel children learn when they are ready to learn something and you shouldn't push them to learn anymore if they are not ready to do so.  Use it as your guide but you don't have to follow it exactly since children learn at their own pace.  Don't force them to learn something or they may not want to learn it for awhile.

Desert Blossom Learning Store -- Including games, toys, and more
Desert Blossom Learning aStore

Ready-Set-Learn: Preschool & PreK-K (by Teacher Created Resources)

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Childcare & Preschool Starter
Signing Time! Childcare & Preschool Starter Kit
      Award-winning pre-school
                                      learning; ABCmouse
Learning A-Z Scholastic Printable Hooked on Phonics Online Preschool Games! Make Learning Fun for Your 2-6 y/o With Educational Games

Free eBook
All Children Can Be Great
                                      Listeners ebook
All Children Can Be Great Listeners eBook -- School Sparks -- "The e-book outlines a simple, 3-step plan for immediately improving any child’s listening, and the e-book also includes 12 activity suggestions and 20 worksheets that are designed to be fun and engaging for kids - while helping them hone important listening skills!"

Start Nursery

preschool phonics
Start Nursery

Sign Language from Signing Time!
Childcare and Preschool Starter Kit

                                          Math Games

Full-Color Math Games

Colorful, ready-to-use math games encourage young students to practice important math concepts while developing social skills. Each book features 12 simple games that are based on the following objectives and standards for specific math skills.

For Grades PreK-K:

  • Number Recognition and Counting 1-20
  • Money
  • Sequencing Numbers (before, after, between) 1-20

Visit Teacher Created Resources for more educational teacher resources,
workbooks, games, and much more.
Teacher Created Resources

P.E. / Physical Education for Preschoolers
from KID-FIT

Preschool Activity Ideas eBook: Hundreds of fun exercises using everyday schol items
Description: Learn hundreds of ways to use children's fitness equipment and manipulatives. From bean bags to parachutes, you'll motivate children to move and get fit.

Preschool Relaxation Scripts eBook
Description: More than 30 short relaxation scripts to help children rest or ease into nap time.Use each one with your choice of music or with our suggested selections.

Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits Cookbook eBook
Description: A collection of healthy recipes featured in the KID-FIT program over the past 10 years. Low-fat, low-sodium. Kid friendly and easy to make.

Available in book format (This item is shipped to U.S. and Canada only.)
or eBook format

Lots To Learn DVD

Preschool Genius Learning Pack

Preschool Kidz Learning Materials & Resources
Preschool At Home For 55 Cents

Horizons Preschool Curriculums

Printable Game eBooks / Instant Books

Kids Craft eBook

Worksheets for Preschool -- These workbooks are pesented in a format that is fun and informative.  They cover all the basic skills a child needs for school-readiness. Pre-School education niche for teachers and parents. Developed by a pre-school teacher.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Products

E-Book: Creating A Rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn from TOS

Magazines for Preschoolers & Magazines for Ages 3-7
Puzzle Buzz Club
Hidden Pictures
                                          Playground Club
Zootles Magazine for Kids
                                        2-6 Zoobooks
                                        Magazine--$23.95--#1 Kids Animal

Educational Products & Resources

Desert Blossom Learning -- Books & More Preschool and Early Childhood Resources
Safety Resources

Reciprocal Links 
Free interactive educational activities sorted by subject (ages 3-9) - math, science, social studies, language arts, creative arts, and foreign language. Talking books and games reinforce concepts and language skills (English, Spanish, Gaelic, Polish, American Sign Language).
Best Languages
Language schools to study abroad language courses
Bestlanguages offers language courses abroad in different language schools from China to Canada and Latin America

Easy Fun School
Education Atlas - Online Map to Education, Online Degrees and Distance Learning
Free Download Music
Resource site for people that want to download free music.  Hundreds of articles, newsletters and links to make it convenient and easy to download free music.  All these resources are FREE.
Go Language Courses
Language courses abroad
Learn a language in an international location, just where it is spoken abroad, from Italian, English and French to Chinese and Spanish
Letter of The Week Preschool Curriculum
Free Worksheets for kids (Preschool-fifth grade)
Tot Activities
A site for moms with preschool age children to find local activities for free..

More links at: Reciprocal & Viewers Links.

Viewers Links
A comprehensive Guide for PhD programs Free guides and advice from University academics about PhD courseware

Aven's Corner Preschool games and activities for children with special needs
Drug Additction and Teenagers - A Complete Guide
Everything Preschool
We have thousands of ideas sorted by theme, alphabet, etc.  (Including coloring pages.)
Free Kindergarten Worksheets New 10/10/2011
KinderSite Project "Where kids play and teachers learn."
LessonSense Free lesson plans, crafts, ideas, worksheets, printables and downloadable materials for kindergarten and elementary school teachers
Marys Curriculum Seeds
A free educational site that helps teachers K-3 bring their curriculum to life.
Natural & Waldorf Toys at Three Sisters Toys
Online PhD Free assistance about choosing the best suited online PhD programs for professionals who wish to pursue post-graduate education and uplift professional worth.  New 9/5/2011
Peekuboo is an online library of FREE toddler and preschooler activities. It also has a neat, optional feature allowing you to share the stories and games while video-chatting.
Preschool Express by Jean Warren
A free on-line activity newsletter for parents and teachers of young children by Jean Warren. Each issue contains, crafts, music, learning games, a day-by-day activity calendar and articles about how children learn.  She also have FREE patterns to download and activities to go with them.
Preschool Printables at New 6/17/2011

More links at: Reciprocal & Viewers Links.

Giant Plush Stacking Ring - 20-1/2H

A timeless classic baby will love! Colorful plush stacking ring teaches size and shape while helping little ones develop problem solving spatial relations and hand-eye coordination.

Activities & Games
365 Kids Games eBook

Singing Games for Parachute Play eBook

Mind Power
Games For Fun Kids - Mind Power Series eBook for Ages 4 to 7

Playing in the Sand

Super Classroom Sand Set - 34 Pieces

If you have a large classroom and a small budget this set is for you. 34 play pieces keep many children occupied at the sand table or outside in the sand box. Set includes:

Find more sand & water supplies at Discount School Supply.

101 Activities To Do With Your Toddler A list of things to do, the treasure chest (activities to do), fingerplays, songs & rhymes, treats, other resources, and links
Caring for a Toddler & Activities Family Activities They have Learning Fun for Infants and Toddlers, Learning Fun for Preschoolers, and more.

Preschool Activity Coloring Books to Download, Print and Bind Little Story Books
Zoobooks -- Board Books for Toddlers

Classroom & Teacher Helps
Germy Wormy Disposable Sleeves - 25 pack
POCET Preschool Observation Checklist and Evaluation Tool
Fanny Pack First Aid Kit
Carry All First Aid Kit

We provide fast success in 642-661 by using our high quality 642-902.We also offer up-to-dated 642-165 exams and 646-205 with definite guarantee of success in mcitp.

Printables & Other Resources

Printable Games has theme related and other eBooks for children.  These include: Birthdays,  Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

Preschool Newsletter
Kindergarten / Preschool Newsletter

Preschool Printables / Preschool Worksheets / Preschool Activity Sheets
Kindergarten Printables / Kindergarten Worksheets/ Kindergarten Activity Sheets
Free Worksheets: preschool worksheets Big, Bigger, Biggest, How Many? - Count/write how many to 1-5 and 6-10, Trace and Color (shapes), Dinosaur Number practice - Numbers 1 - 5 & 6-10, Number recognition 0 - 3, Larger Number, ABC Maze, Number Match, Patterns (shapes), Alphabet Fun, Dino Numbers, Animal Mix-up, Cupcake Fun - Number recognition to 9, Dinosaur Same or Different, and Fishy Fun (shapes).

KinderPrintables This site has pdf files, books, and more to download or to view on thier site.  You need to sign up to view most of these.
Planning (Oceans, Zoo Animals, Dinosaurs, Insects, & Spiders), Basic Sheets (Alphabet Worksheets), Theme Sheets: Funsheets, Murals, Cut Outs for math, language arts, science, and fundamentals.

Preschool Printables at New 6/17/2011 (Viewer Link)
School Express: Free Worksheets Free worksheets, free software, activities, and more; including Ages 3-6 and Other Ages
Sesame Street Workshop Coloring Pages
Under 5's - Pre -school Education Worksheets Find worksheets under the different themes.  Other Worksheets: Alphabet, numbers, shapes, pencil control, counting, matching, and spot the difference.
Worksheets Unlimited
Zini Activity Pages This has different concepts that children can learn and they are for different holidays.

Kindergarten Printables /
Kindergarten Worksheets/ Kindergarten Activity Sheets
Free Kindergarten Worksheets New 10/10/2011 (Viewer Link) This site has pdf files, books, and more to download or to view on thier site.  You need to sign up to view most of these.
Planning (Oceans, Zoo Animals, Dinosaurs, Insects, & Spiders), Basic Sheets (Alphabet Worksheets), Theme Sheets: Funsheets, Murals, Cut Outs for math, language arts, science, and fundamentals.
Worksheets Unlimited

Educational Links
Some of these sites include printables / worksheets.

A Child's Place Themes (including printables), felt boards, charts & printouts, recipes, party ideas, & more
A Kids Heart Holidays, Bible, Clipart, Greeting Cards, Sun Shine Room, For Teachers (including manuscript paper that you can type what you want and print it), Shapes, All Sorts, and more
Activity sheets and Project Helpers, Theme Units, Fun Activities, Links, and more
abcschoolhouse: Freebies Stuff Activities, recipes, charts.
April's Preschool Activities Activities and printables and traceables (for the first two topics): Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors
Bry-Back Manor Lots of printables, coloring pages, holidays, garden fun (seasons), games (including holidays and books)!
DLTK's Educational Activities Shape Books
First-School Activity pages, crafts, printables, etc.
KidZone Preschool Lesson Plans and Resources Book Activities, Dramatic Play Activites, Health and Nutrition, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Thematic Units, Songs and Poetry, and Worksheets and Printable Pages including Coloring Pages
Oley School Misc. Worksheets It has a bear clock to learn to tell time and other worksheets.
Preschool Activities @ TeachersandFamilies Lots of themes!
Preschool Education
Preschool Lesson Plans, Activities, & Worksheets Free patterns everyday, free award maker, free downloadable book "Reading Activities for Fun" if you register, and products you can purchase.

Educational Resources

5 Strategies to Ensure Student Learning
A Guide to classroom Technologies that Increase Learning: An Educator's Resource
Engineering the Future: The Educator's Guide to Building and Construction
Learning Styles |
Introduction to STEM in the Classroom

Math for America: Teacher Resources - Lesson Plans & Activities
Math Lesson Plans from Teach-nology

Science in the Classroom
Science Lesson Plans for Teachers

Smartphones as Tools for Education: Getting Smart With Smartsphones
Technology in the Classroom: The School of the Future
TryEngineering | Lesson Plans

Themes & More
See Viewers Links.

A Home Away From Home - Preschool Curriculum Themes with Ideas and Crafts: Children Around the World, The Five Senses, and Birds.
A Kids Heart Holidays, Bible, Clipart, Greeting Cards, Sun Shine Room, For Teachers (including manuscript paper that you can type what you want and print it), Shapes, All Sorts, and more
A World of Kindergartens
abcteach Free Activity sheets and Project Helpers, Theme Units, Fun Activities, Links, and more.
Acorn Academy
Activities List: Toddlers - Early Elementary Grades Art, songs, games, snacks, rhymes, and other activities 57 themes at this site.  Theme: Apples, Balloons, Bears, Bees, Bells, Birds, Boxes, Bubbles, Bunnies, Butterflies, Buttons, Cameras, Candles, Cans, Caterpillars, Cats, Circles, Clowns, Cookie Cutters, Corn, Cowboys, Dinosaurs, Eggs, Feet, Fish, Gingerbread People, Groundhogs, Hands, Hats, Hearts, Leaves, Lions & Lambs, Milk, Paper Plates, Peanuts, Pizza, Popcorn, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Rain, Reindeer, Rocks, Sand, Shadows, Shapes, Snow, Spiders, Stars, The Sun, Teeth, Trees, Turkeys, Water, Watermelons, Worms, Yarn, and, Zebras
Activity Idea Place: Activity Index  Themes (including holidays).
Alphabet Soup Thematic units, holiday units, games and activities for kids; teacher and parent resources; and crafts, humor and recipes for all! The thematic units include bears, zoo animals, Johnny Apple Seed, and dinosaurs.
Childcare and Beyond
Child Care Division of J & S Enterprises Themes, recipes, etc. Activities and printables!
Cozy Cottage: Monthly Themes & Ideas Dinosaurs, Apples, Colors, Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Zoo, and Jungle Animals, Father's Day (could be used for Mother's Day too), Under the Sea  Adventure, All About Fish, Summer Ideas, Alphabet Ideas, December Holidays, Fall, Winter, April Showers Bring May Flowers, Spring Ideas, Let's Visit the Farm!, Math, Foods, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fourth of July, Pizza Anyone?, and Grandparent's Day.
Creation Kids - creative Christian curriculum for today's creative kids
De-Lite Creations @ Bry-Back Manor
Early Childhood Education Lesson Plans: Infant, Pre K through Age 7
First-School (English & Spanish Resources)
Has lots of activity pages, crafts, printables, etc.
FunSchooling: Unit Study Archives Based on: Literature, Geography, Science, History, Holidays, Music, and Others (Emergency Preparedness, Clocks & Time, Sports, & NASCAR).
Gayle's Preschool Rainbow - Activity Central
Gryphon House Free Activities
Hummingbird Lesson Plans
Idea Box Activities, Seasonal, Games, Music and Songs, Recipes, Craft Recipes, Crafts, and More
Inside Kindergarten Goin' Batty!, Potato Day!, Great Groundhogs!, Quaint Quilts!, All Aboard!!! The Train Unit, Beary Fun Activities, Fun on the Farm!, I Love Ladybugs!, Mexican Christmas Unit, Mice Are Nice!, Proud to be Americans!, Pumpkin Potpourri, Space Unit: Exploring The Final Frontier, Spiders: No arachnophobia here!!!, Whatever the Weather, Wonderful Watermelon Unit
Iteach345's Page
kidsactivities Yahoo! Group Preschool-Kindergarten!
KidsbCool Preschool Themes & Recipes
Kindergarten Kafe
Kinderhive: Theme and Unit Ideas
KinderStartAnimal Friends, Learning Activities & Crafts, Food and Nutrition, Education / Daycare / Childcare, resources for parenting, and much more.
Kinder Korner
Links for Tots Learn to Read, Learning is Cool, and Coloring & Games
Little Giraffes: Mrs. Flanagan's Kindergarten
Love To Teach: Themes For K-3
Monthly Themes for Kindergarten: Themes and Book Ideas It has animals and it can be used for other early elementary grades.
Mrs. Petersen's Preschool Page: Thematic Units
Mrs. Ross's First Grade Class
Mrs. Williamson's Kindergarten Page - Units & Mini-Units

Perpetual Preschool

Pitter Patter

Preschool Activities @ TeachersandFamilies

PRESCHOOL by Stormie
Monthly curriculums & activities and more. LOTS of ideas for younger children; songs, fingerplays, coloring pages, and more.
Preschool Zone - Teaching Ideas for Early Chidhood Special Educators
SESD: Theme Links
Seasonal And Holiday, All About Me, Transportation, Dinosaurs, Bears, Spiders, Animals, The Farm, Magnets, Nutrition, Apples, Senses, Fairy Tales, Circus, Colour, Friendship, Weather, General Science, Bus Safety, Fire Safety, Dental Health, and Crafts
Poems, songs, and printables.
Step By Step Childcare
Themes, songs, fun foods, science, games, links, and more.
Story Time

Sunshine Online Themes & Games
The Activity Cupboard - crafts for kids
Animals, Autumn, Christmas, Bugs, Dinosaurs, Earth and Arbor Day, Easter, Halloween, Hanukkah, Musical Instruments, Spring , St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Winter
More Ideas: Fun Science Experiments, Fun Snack Ideas, General Crafts, Gifts to make, Home Made Games, and Home Made Supplies

The Chalkboard: Early Childhood - Preschool and Kindergarten Education Teaching Activities
The Preschool Connection
The Virtual Vine

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