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toy helicopter Toobeez construction building toy
Biplane & Helicopter -- Classics from Montogomery Schoolhouse

Classic Biplane
Into the wild blue yonder! Our biplane may not fly but it sure does give your youngest something to imagine with. A propeller that spins, 2 removable people and landing gear wheels that turn make this biplane a true classic. Measures about 9" long and made from a combination of maple and pine. Non-toxic finishes, and bright colors. This plane comes shrink wrapped.

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 Classic Helicopter

The Classic Helicopter has two rotor blades that spin and 2 removable people. Measuring approximately 8-1/4" long by 6" wide by 5-1/4" high, the Classic Helicopter is crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested pine with hardwood components. All colors and details are done in non-toxic paints and finishes. Colors of some components may vary from those shown.

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Physical Education
Pretend to fly like an airplane.

Make an a paper airplane using some of the below links.  Decorate your airplane.  You can have a contest to see which airplane flies the best (or furthest).

Aviation eBook

Download N Go™ - Amelia Earhart

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Goodbye, Charles Lindbergh : Based on a True Story by Louise Borden

The Wright Brothers
The first powered flight was on December 17, 1903.

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years of Flight | History of Flight | Air & Space Magazine
Celebrating The Success Of The Wright Brothers & The Invention of the Airplane @

Charles Lindbergh
Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation Including biography of Charles and his wife and other resources

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart

Jet Maze @ Birthday Express Printable Coloring Pages: J

Printables and Activities
Boeing Kids Page: "Let's Fly" Coloring (lots of airplanes), mazes, word games, cut outs, and connect the dots
Christchurch International Airport - Kids Page Including a pdf coloring book.
Colouring Book - Transportation II @ Pitura Kids Airplane and military helicopter.
CyberSleuth Kids: Airplane Coloring Page
Family Works! Coloring Book Page: Airplane
The Federal Aviation Administration: Kids Corner
  "Kids Corner is a fun page for all. It includes activities such as coloring books, word puzzles, and experiments" and books.  It is for children through teenagers.
Free Kids Coloring Book Pages: Transportation -  Airplanes

Fun Zone, Artie the Airplane
Coloring Book, Games, and more
Gerald R. Ford International Airport  Kids Section
Jay Jay the Jet Plane Color with Snuffy and Activity Sheets
La Cruces Airport: Kids Section
Norfolk International Airport - Kids' Stuff (in Southeastern Virginia) Build a Custom Paper Plane
Palmerston North International Airport Colouring in pictures, maze, word loop, and scrambled words
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Most of these are online activities. Dot-to-dot, paper airplanes, word search, scanvenger hunt, science project, first flight, and interactive suitcase
Rainy Day Arts & Crafts - Make a paper airplane
Skip Counting Dot-to-dots (3) Things that fly (rocket 2's, flying saucer 5's, something else 10's).
Space Shuttle Connect the Dots @ NASA and Space Suit Connect the Dots
Totally Wic-kid Kids Games Ages 3-7: How to draw Wic-kid, Spot the Imposter, and colouring book pages - including a boy packing, airplane on the ground, boy and girl looking at an aquarium, boy and girl at the beach, and a family coming back from a trip.

Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science Technology, and Research (ALLSTAR) Network History of balloons and airships, teacher resources, links and more.  This site is funded by NASA.
Albany International Airport: Kids' Corner Coloring pages, make a parachute, fan, etc. how to build different planes and helicopter, word puzzles, experiments, etc..
Aviation Database Pictures and facts about Military/Fighter, Passenger, Private, Cargo, Helicopter, Sea Planes, Tiger Moth, Boeing, Ballons, First Flights, and reference materials
Aviation Pioneers Links
Billings Logan International Airport Memory Game, download an activity book (pdf), history, and pictures of airplanes
Centennial of Flight Celebration presented by Inventing Flight
La Cruces Airport: Kids Section
NOVA Online | Faster Than Sound Including a teacher's guide (online activity, printable, etc.)
Plane Math Activities Topic: Transportation
Totally Wic-kid - Airplanes - Captain David Gwinn Questions answered, etc.
VC-25A - Air Force One The plane the president of the United States flies in
Google Search: airport kids There are more here but I can't put them all on this page

Online Aviation (Airplane) Games & Activities

Note: Children must have approval by an adult to click on the links on my website or surf the web.

Air Force Link Jr. - Connect The Dots Online
Aircraft Design Workshop
Click "Restart" and then use the images on the top of the page
Christchurch International Airport - Kids Page
Crossword @ Boeing
Birthday Express Fun and Games JetMaze
GE Aircraft Engines: Engines 101
Jay Jay the Jet Plane and Coloring Book
Memory Match @ AvKids
Online Jet Maze
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Play the Memory Game @ Billings Logan International Airport
Plane Slide Puzzle Game (2) @ AvKids
PlaneMath's Pioneer Plane: PPG
Amelia Earhart Movie & Activity and Jimmy Doolittle Movie & Activity
Small Parts @ AvKids After you put the different plane parts together, it tells you it

Older Children & Teenagers
Propulsion Index @ NASA
Totally Wic-kid Kids Games
Ages 8 and Up: pilot concentration, scramble puzzle, and holiday silly story