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National Transportation Week is the week that includes the 3rd Friday of May.

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     Over 1500 products from Teacher Created Resources

The below wood products are by Maple Landmark.

Mite, Set of Six, Colored -- NEW TO OUR STORE
Mite, Set of Six,
Our Mites are sturdy little vehicles perfectly sized for toddlers. They make great toys for car trips and are small enough for mom to tuck into her purse for those inevitable "toy emergencies." This set of colorful vehicles includes one each of our six Mite designs: Coupe, T-Mite, Jeep, Sedan, Sports Car and Utility Truck. Crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested pine with hardwood components, each Mite measures approximately 2" high by 3" long by 1-7/8" wide.  Ages 2 and up.
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Teach+Play Tiles, Building/Vehicle
Teach+Play Tiles
Children will have fun learning about the world around them with our Building and Vehicle Teach+Play Tiles. These tiles can help a child tell a story, identify words with places or vehicles, or match a vehicle with a location. This set of 12 wooden cards is cut from high quality birch plywood and are printed on both sides. Each card measures 2-1/4" wide by 3-1/2" tall. Tiles are thin enough to be used as flash cards. Instructional tips and suggestions for play and a cloth pouch for storage are also included... 
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Vehicle Lace-A-Shapes

Vehicle Lace-A-Shape
Maple Landmark hardwood Vehicle Lace-A-Shapes will help your little one develop fine motor skills. Set includes four simple vehicle shapes with printed details: bus, box truck, train engine, and fire truck, along with four 52" strings for "sewing." Shapes measure approximately 7" by 4-1/4" by 3/16" thick.

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Classics from Montogomery Schoolhouse
There are these available in the Classics: bus, moving truck, racing car, tic-tac-toe, log truck, fire truck, biplane, and helicopter.

Made by Me Box Set

Get four original kits in one box. Includes the blank bodies for a train, tugboat, tractor, and truck plus wheels and axles for each. The Made By Me series allows children 3 and up to have a good creative and constructive time! The assembly instructions are enclosed. All you need is some glue, a hammer, and paints, crayons, stickers or whatever you want to use to decorate with.

Ages: 3 and up

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Vehicle Dominoes

Children 3 to 8 can sharpen their color-matching and pair-matching skills with this set of vehicle dominoes. Made from hardwood maple with non-toxic colorful finishes. Each domino is 1-1/4" wide, 2-1/2" long and 7/16" thick and comes with drawstring cloth pouch—great for storing. Instructions included.

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Animal Dominoes
  Animal Dominoes

Vehicle Memory Tiles Game

Kids will have fun matching their favorite vehicle. Whether it be a tow truck or a brightly colored delivery truck there are plenty of matches to make. The Game comes with 24 tiles to make 12 sets and playing instructions. Each tile has an image on one side and the Maple Landmark logo on the other. Each tile measures 1 1/2" square and is finished with non-toxic finishes and inks. A cloth pouch is also included for storage after play. Tiles are cut from a birch plywood and measure 2 1/2" square.

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Tic-Tac-Toot (Product also from Maple Landmark.  It is available on my Train Theme page.)

My Transportation eBook

Transportation Matching Games eBook
Here are a few samples of the pages.  Click on the images to view a larger version.

Transportation Matching Samples
Description: Transportation Matching Games eBook is a great way to learn to recognize identify various types of transportation that are in the  air, land, and water.

This eBook contains 15 matching mats that can be used as a file folder games, matching mats, matching games, and transportation match.  This includes 147 transportation picture cards (plus 24 duplicate cards for the last two matching games).  It also includes 3 larger cards to use for Transportation Match, 8 smaller cards to label your games separate transportation games (Air Transportation Matching Game, Cars & More Matching Game, Miscellaneous Land Transportation Matching Game, Trucks Matching Game, Trains Matching Game, Boats Matching Game, Ships Matching Game, and Transportation Matching Game).  Have the player play the games on the floor (or table). Have the player match the correct card to a matching pair.

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Transportation Activities

Obeying the laws is important for people to do. 

- Show the children a traffic signs and ask them what shape they are.
- Show them a traffic sign and talk about what you should do when you see this traffic sign.

Transportation Art Time
Transportation Stencils - Set of 12

Transportation Stencils - Set of 12

This durable easy-to-use stencil set introduces kids to the fun of using stencils with simply designed transportation vehicles.

Transportation Stamps

Easy-Grip Transportation Stampers - 14

Easy-Grip Transportation Stampers - 14 Pieces

Vroom beep beep zoom! Travel by air land and sea with our set of 14 transportation-themed stampers. Stampers feature bold high-density foam images on a clear 3 plastic base with an easy-grip knob - perfect for little hands! Includes plastic storage carrying case for easy organization.

Colorations Classic Colors Jumbo Washable
                      Stamp Pads - Set of 6

Colorations Classic Colors Jumbo Washable Stamp Pads - Set of 6

Give our super-size stamp pads a hand! They're designed extra big for little hands! The washable ink makes them perfect for creating hand and fingerprints. Also great for use with our Stamping Sticks and Easy-Grip Stampers or any rubber stamp.

Transporation Math
Transportation Counters - 72 Pieces

Transportation Counters - 72 Pieces

Move to the front of the line for early math skills engagement and enthusiasm. Vibrant soft rubber transportation counters are perfect for teaching counting sorting patterning and color/shape recognition as well as showcasing our world of motion. Non-toxic phthalates-free ASTM tested. Ages 3 years and up.

Transportation Puzzles
Traffic Sign Puzzle

Transportation Puzzles - Set of 6

Transportation Puzzles - Set of 6

Children will go to town with our set of transportation puzzles. The set of 6 includes the following puzzles: motorcycle school bus airplane train ship and fire engine. Each puzzle has 12 pieces and is made of sturdy wood. Puzzles measure 11 1/2W x 9 H. Ages 3 and up.

Transportation Lacing Cards

eeboo Lacing Cards Things That Go
eeBoo Agatha Crepe Paper Flower
Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Shapes

Transportation Dramatic Play with Traffic Signs
Angeles Traffic Signes - Set of 4

Angeles Traffic Signs - Set of 4

This set of 4 authentic traffic signs teach safety and are made of weatherproof plastic. The wide tip-proof metal base prevents signs from blowing over. Measures 29H.

Guidecraft Drivetime Signs - Set Of 6
Plan Toys Set of Traffic Signs and Lights 1 (USA)

Transportation Books
Search for Transportation Books at

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, 75th Anniversary Edition (Classic Seuss) by Dr. Seuss
Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains: Fisher-Price Little People by Nancy Rindone

Transportation Vocabulary Word List
Choose any of these words: airplane, bus, car, go, green, red, sign, slow, stop, street, traffic, train, truck, yellow, yield, transportation

City Transportation Table

City Transportation Table

Jaunt all around the city! Move the wooden school bus boats ice cream truck fire engine ambulance garbage truck taxi mail truck police car and city bus along various pathways. Helps develop eye-hand coordination visual tracking and sensory motor skills. No loose pieces. Ages 3 years and up. 24W x 24L x 16H. (Ships within 5 Days)

Sort It! Banner

Sort It! Banner

Build language and logic skills with this classification activity - a Discount School Supply exclusive. Bright blue banner is 33 1/2L x 24W and includes 34 brightly colored fabric sorting pieces.  Categories include: color, food, transportation, farm, zoo, ocean and clothes. 


Traffic & Road Signs Books

I Read Signs (Reading Rainbow Books) by Tana Hoban
I Read Symbols (Mulberry books) by Tana Hoban
Road Signs: A Hare-Y Race With a Tortoise by Margery Cuyler
Signs In Our World by DK Publishing
Traffic Trouble (Bob the Builder) by Golden Books
Signs on the Road (Welcome Books: Signs in My World) by Mary Hill

Traffic Light Craft or Bulletin Board (Wall) Traffic Light
Traffic Light - pdf Traffic light coloring page, circle patterns, and game patterns and ideas.
You use the above patterns or cut a piece of black construction paper to be 12x4 1/2 inches.  Cut 3 pieces of white or creme paper to be 3 inch circles.
Paint (use sponges, fingers, paint brushes, craft sticks, cotton swaps, etc.) or color the circles red, yellow, and green. Glue onto the black construction paper.

Traffic Light Game
Red Light, Green Light
Use the large circle pattern in Traffic Light - pdf or cut a circle to be about 6 inches onto red and green paper.  Glue the circles the circles together.  Laminate. Play Red Light, Green Light.
Before starting the game, ask the children what red and green mean when you see a traffic light.  Make sure you emphasis the importance of stopping at a traffic light that is red.

Have a child stand at one side of the room, holding the "red light, green light" prop.  Have the children "go" if it is "green" and to "stop" if it is "red".  Take turns.  You can say, "Red light!" or "Green light."  If you want more detailed instructions, go to: Red Light, Green Light @ Games Kids Play.

Nebraska State Patrol: Traffic Signals "Red is for stop.  ... Amber is for Don't Walk..."

Bicycle Theme

On the Water Theme (Boats, Sailboats, Ships, Coast Guard, etc.)

Boat Stencil Books
Fun with Boats Stencils (Dover Little Activity Books) by Paul E. Kennedy

Boat & Sailboat Books
Big Dog and Little Dog Go Sailing (Blue Bananas) by Selina Young
Little Bear's Little Boat by Eve Bunting
Sail Away, Little Boat (Carolrhoda Picture Books) by Janet Buell
The Goodbye Boat by Mary Joslin
The Great Boat Race (Stuart-Little) by Kitty Richards
The Little Boat by Kathy Henderson
The Little Sailboat by Lois Lenski

Coast Guard Books
Mayday! Mayday!: A Coast Guard Rescue by Chris L. Demarest

Ship Books
The Great Ships by Patrick O'Brien

Little Toot Books
(Tub Time with Little Toot is a bathtime book.)


Music & Action Verse
Row, Row, Your Boat
Traffic Light Action Verse @ Idea Box

#1: Fold a circle in half.  Glue the sides but not the top.  Insert a craft stick inside the ship.  Tape it on the back of the inside of the ship.  For the sails, cut a large and small triangle.  Tape onto the back of the craft stick.

#2:  For paper: Follow the above instructions except make three small ships and use a narrow piece of construction paper.  Glue onto a piece of paper.  Write on each ship: Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

Rinse out a rice or soy milk container or cow's milk carton.  Cut the back or front off.  Clean and dry completly. Place construction paper around the sides and bottom.  Tape a craft stick onto the back inside of the milk container.  Make sails out of construction paper.  Decorate the sailboat.

Rinse out a rice, soy, or cow's milk container or carton.  Make a cut into the back or front.   Cut it all the away around except leave a triangle for the sail. Clean and dry some.  Fill a large container of water or a tub. Blow or push the ship to make it go.

If you are homeschooling or just want to do this activity with your children, you can have your children play in the bathtub or kiddy pool and play with their boats.  You can have different objects that float and sink in with them.  Ask them if they float or sink.

Home Economics (Snacks)
Sailboat Eggs
Option #1: Hard boil some eggs.  Peel the eggs and rinse.  Cut it in half.  Place a toothpick into each half egg.  Place some raisins or other fruits or vegetables on the top of the toothpick.

Option #2:
Hard boil some eggs.  Peel the eggs and rinse.  Cut it in half.  Remove the yolk from both sides of the egg with a spoon.  For each egg, mix with about 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoon mayonnaise or salad dressing, 1/8 teaspoon mustard (about one squeeze), and 1/4 teaspoon (about 2 squeezes) ketchup in a small bowl. Place a toothpick into each half egg.  Place some raisins or other fruits, or vegetables on the top of the toothpick.

Note: This is messy but it is good.

Boat Theme
Alextoys: Sailboat on the Water Dot-to-Dot
Boat Pattern @ Wrights
Colouring Book - Transportation I @ Pitura Kids
CyberSleuth Kids: Boat Coloring Page
Free Kids Coloring Book Pages: Transportation

Ships Theme
Thanksgiving Theme

Colouring Book - Transportation I @ Pitura Kids
Make a Mayflower Ship @ eduplace
USS Hornet Museum: Explore the Ship Virtual Tour and History

Motor Vehicles Theme
What do you see on the road?  What signs do you see? (Stop sign, speed limit sign...)  What do they mean?  Should we follow that sign? Why?

Motor Vehicle Craft (Bus, Car, or Truck Craft)
Take a small rectangular box (e.g. a Toaster Pastry box).  On the open side of the pastry box, cut the flaps of the box.  Fold a piece of construction paper (choice of the child) into quarters.  Cut.  Place the paper on the box folding over the sides to fit the top (2), one side (the front of the vehicle), and the top of the box.  Glue on the box.  Make 4 round black wheels out of paper.  Glue onto the bottom of the bus.  Have the child draw or make windows, a door, headlights, a windshild, people looking out the window, using colored pencils, markers, crayons, or construction paper.  Drive your bus, car, train Make the sound of  your vehicle.

Note: Most of these directions can be used for a train.

Dramatic Play
Be a ... (car, bus, truck, train, etc.)
Discuss what red and green means.  Red means (stop).  Green means (go).
Pretend to a car, bus, truck, train, etc..  (Make the sound effect of that type of transportation.)  Use a paper plate as a steering wheel for a car, bus, or truck.

On the Road Pretend Play
Let's pretend we are driving down the road, hold onto the steering wheel.  (You can use a paper plate or a round piece of cardboard.)

Traffic Light Snack
Spread frosting or peanut butter (or other nut butters) on a graham cracker.  Place a red, yellow, and green gum drop, colored candies, colored sugar, or M&M's on them.  If using colored sugar, use a dull toothpick, make three circles.  Sprinkle colored sugar, inside of the circles.

Bus Theme

Bus Books

Fisher Price School Bus Lift the Flap (Fisher-Price Lift-the-Flap Playbooks) by Doris Tomaselli
School Bus by Donald Crews

Bus Discussion:
What kinds of buses do you see around town? (city, school, ...)

Preparation: Find pictures or images of different buses and show it to the  children.  (e.g. school, city bus, double decker bus (Europe), and tour bus)

We are going to look different types of buses.
Show the pictures.  What shapes do you see on a ... bus?  (e.g. rectangle, square, and circle).
Talk about each bus.

Music & Dramatic Play:
Sing: The Wheels on The Bus
You can use visual aids to go with this song.  (They can be in the form of paper or felt.)
Act out the song.
Scrapping by Alaine Bus Pattern

Do the actions to the song.

The Wheels on the Bus - midi

Count the wheels on different types of buses using photos or a real bus.

The Wheels On the Bus at The Virtual Vine Including activities, snacks, langauge arts, bulletin boards, etc.

Cars & Trucks Theme

Transporation Lacing

String a Beep

String a Beep

Children will adore this whimsical stringing set. Set includes 12 large chunky wooden beads wooden needle cotton lacing and stopper. Ages 3 years and up.

Vehicles & More Bricks
Prism Bricks

Prism Bricks

These are the only transparent building bricks that radiate color when light passes through them! Each set includes an assortment of bricks that can be combined to create vehicles people robots dinosaurs and more!

Car & Truck Books
My Car Board Book by Byron Barton
Trucks Board Book by Byron Barton
Truck Board Book (Caldecott Collection) by Donald Crews

Dramatic Play:
Pretend you are driving a car or truck around the room (making different sounds: horns, brakes, a car or truck moving).

Wooden Cars & Trucks

Wooden Cars & Trucks

Take these modern vehicles for a spin. Bright colors and contemporary designs reflect the look of current cars and trucks.

Plastic Vehicles
Indestructable Vehicles - Set of 32

Indestructable Vehicles - Set of 32

Vehicles for every child in the classroom. Set includes 16 large vehicles (3 1/2L) 8 mini vehicles (2 1/2L) 4 helicopters and 4 airplanes. Made of strong plastic these vehicles will last for years. Large vehicles helicopors and airplanes also sold as basic sets. Latex free.

Wood Models
Real Rolling Wooden Cars - Set of 12

Real Rolling Wooden Cars - Set of 12

This craft really puts kids in the driver's seat!

Car Coloring Page @
Colouring Book - Transportation II @ Pitura Kids
Free Kids Coloring Pages
Cars, race car, and truck Coloring Page: Big Truck
Traffic Patterns @ Bry-Back Manor
Truck Coloring Page

Misc. Transportation Links
Activity Idea Place
Bry-Back Manor Activity Sheets Transportation Counting Book and Transportation Match
ChildFun Transportation Theme
Debbie's Unit Factory - August Links: Transportation and The Underground Railroad
DLTK's Transportation Activities for Kids
DPS Games for Kids Coloring pages (traffic signs, hand signals, etc.)
Everythingpreschool: Transportation Theme Songs, art ideas, games, science ideas, and more.
First-School Transportation Preschool Activities and Crafts
Free Downloadable Visual Aids/Picture Clips: Vehicle @ Japanese Central New 2/4/05 Airplane, bulletrain, car, ship, and taxi
Hummingbird Transportation & Space Activities, songs, and more.
Inside Kindergarten
Iteach345's Page
Kendra's Coloring Book: Online or Offline Snowplow
Kinderart: Art and Transportation
Kindergarten Kafe scroll down to 1997-98 & other units
Perpetual Preschool: Transportation Art, Snacks, Songs, Science, Games, and Miscelleneous
Colouring Book - Transportation I & 2 @ Pitura Kids
School to Work Electronic Coloring Book Construction-related coloring pages for grades K-6 and younger. Topic: Transportation
Thematic Units for Primary Grades
Transportation: Special Ed This can be used for other children.
Transportation Coloring Pages and Activity Worksheets @ first-school
Vehicles Coloring Printouts:

Online Games & Activities

Note: Children must have approval by an adult to click on the links on my website or surf the web.

Car Travel Online Coloring @ iGrandparents
Chevron Cars (online Connect The Dots)
Get Dirty! @ Chevron Cars
The Cheveron Cars - Playground: Games Connect the Dots, Jigsaw Puzzles, TicTac Puzzles (slide puzzles), Clean Sweep, License to Fly, Match the Blocks, etc.

Fire Engines

Fire Truck Puzzle @ MeddyBemps


FunBrain: Machines - Machines: Which one is different?

Street and Traffic Signs
Iowa State Patrol Color Online
Pedestrian Lights Game @ Kiddies Games (Preschool)
Traffic Lights 2 Game @ Kiddies Games (Preschool)
Trama Llama -- Spring 2000, Street Sign Matching

Make a Strange Truck - Enchanted Learning
Truck Puzzle @ Meddybemps

Matching Parts @ Meddybemps
Vehicle Online Coloring Pages: EnchantedLearning
Make a Strange Truck @ EnchantedLearning

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