I love to cook! I have recipes that I have created, some family recipes and other sources. All the recipes are delicious!
I hope you enjoy these recipes and have fun cooking! Thanks for dropping by and looking at my recipes and recipe links!

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Adam's Gluten Free Surprise by Debbie Simpson

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The Pratt Family Allergy Free Cookbook & Resources Dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.
Make sure to check this page out to find more recipes!!!!
(Including: Do I Really Have Hay Fever or is it Food Allergies?
The Gluten-free page
includes Dermatitis Herpetiformis information and other celiac symptoms.
YES, you may be celiac and you might not know it so please check out this page and research more
to find out if you are celiac.)

Behavior, Learning Problems, & health problems due to Artificial Colors / Dyes, Chemicals, and Foods
Gravy, Dressing/Stuffing, Tatar Sauce, and Vegetables

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Potato-Skin Toxins, and How to Lower Your Risks

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